ZOOMER Zoomer Zupps Unicorns, Assorti KO

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ZOOMER Zoomer Zupps Unicorns, 6044201


Brutokaal0.185 kg
Classification of batteryCL126:NE:2016-12-09
Composition of batteryCL127:KT:2016-12-09
Embeeded batteryYes
Garantii12 month(s)
Netokaal0.136 kg
Gross depth (mm)242 mm
Gross height (mm)174 mm
Gross width (mm)264 mm
Packing quantity1 pc(s)
Paper/Pasteboard46 g
Plastic (No PET)3 g
Tare weight (kg)0.049 kg
TI weight (kg)0.008 kg
Type of batteryBattery
Volume (m3)0.011116512 m³
WEE classificationCL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE taxYes


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